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Building a user-centric website or CRM? The most important module has to be the users section. The profile data of users like first name, last name, age, gender, address, etc has to be there. With our dummy profile generator tool just import data in your database in an instant.

This tool is a super time saver. Doesn't it make more sense to automate than to do things manually? You can download the list in SQL, CSV and JSON format.

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Aditya Roy Kapur


Male · 23.05.1992

6'2" · 75 Kgs · AB-

27 Malabar Hill, Mumbai Maharastra - 400006 India


Aishwariya Rai Bachan


Female · 23.05.1992

5'7" · 62 Kgs · A+

7 Bentick Street, Kolkata, West Bengal - 711101 India

Download 10 of 2000 Dummy Profiles
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Fields in Dummy Profile

Field Label Data Type Comments
usr_id User ID INTEGER (Auto Increment) The primary key of the table
usr_fname First Name VARCHAR Stores first name of the user
usr_mname Middle Name VARCHAR Stores middle name of the user, Can be left blank
usr_lname Last Name VARCHAR Stores last name of the user, Can be left blank
usr_gender Gender ENUM Can be m/f/o
usr_dob Date of Birth DATE Stored in YYYY-MM-DD format
usr_height Height TINYINT Height of the user, stored in inches
usr_weight Weight TINYINT Weight of the user, stored in kilograms
usr_blood_group Blood Group ENUM Can be O-/O+/A-/A+/B-/B+/AB-/AB+
usr_profession Profession VARCHAR Can be left blank
usr_email Email Address VARCHAR Can be left blank
usr_mobile Mobile Number VARCHAR Can be left blank
usr_address Full Address VARCHAR Full address of the user
usr_country Country INTEGER User belongs to which country.
Used in combination with country table.
usr_photo Profile Photo VARCHAR Name of the file is stored.
Physical file you have to upload yourself
usr_facebook_handle Facebook VARCHAR Username of Facebook is stored
usr_twitter_handle Twitter VARCHAR Username of Twitter is stored
usr_instagram_handle Instagram VARCHAR Username of Instagram is stored
usr_linkedin_handle LinkedIn VARCHAR Username of LinkedIn is stored
usr_website Website VARCHAR Website address

File Structure